lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

I'm Mexican

WARNING: this post might come across as racist, if you can't take a joke better go cry to your mom.

As I mexican, I had never been very identified with my culture. (Except for the food, the food's the best).

I haven't traveled much around the country.

I hate the music.

I hate most of the people.

I hate the stereotype.

I hate the government.

I hate the streets.

But now living by myself my mexican roots have been appearing.

Free food? Fuck this shit, I'm mexican.

I'm not allowed to be here? Fuck this shit, I'm mexican.

Spicy food? Fuck this shit, I'm mexican.

Breakfast? Fuck this shit, I'm mexican.

Crossing the street? Fuck this shit I'm mexican!
*crosses without waiting for the light*

And the list goes on. So now I'm pretty proud of my country. Well, not that much, but still.....

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